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home_quality_ingredientsWe are concerned about quality, purity and potency. As a matter of fact that is our number one priority in developing products that carry our name. We only use the highest quality ingredients when formulating our products. We check, double check and triple check every product once it is manufactured and prior to bottling and placing our name on that label.

Did you know that there are 5 quality tiers of raw materials to select from when manufacturing nutritional supplements? We select the top quality ingredients to insure our customers will get the most benefits from any of the products in our vast product line. For example, the Ascorbic Acid we use when manufacturing our products actually comes from fruit, not the cheaper quality sources like genetically modified corn which is used in 70% of the products out there in the marketplace. That is why Viva Vitamins and Earth Wise Vitamins are the leaders in the nutritional supplement industry. Quality is never sacrificed when making our products.

GMP CompliantThe manufacturers we use quarantine raw materials that come into their facilities. The raw materials our manufacturers use to produce our products are the highest grade raw materials available. Our manufacturers check those raw materials to insure that they are actually the raw material they are supposed to be at the correct potency. Then the manufacturers will assay the products after they have been manufactured to assure that the finished good matches the product’s recipe exactly. We also visually inspect all products prior to bottling to insure that the tablet size and shape is correct.

The FDA has established guidelines and regulations for good manufacturing practices (GMP). Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are GMP compliant. This is why we go to great lengths in selecting our manufacturing facilities. In fact, the facilities we use take additional steps to exceed GMP regulations.

vitamins made in the USAWe understand consumers’ concerns over products made in China, which is why we insist on US manufacturers even if it means higher cost to us. We are proud to have the words “Made In USA” in BOLD letters on every product we make.
All natural vitaminsWe all know that organic tomatoes and other organic produce vary in appearance from crop to crop. Some might be darker or lighter or have different markings. Because we use NATURAL, NON – SYNTHETIC raw materials in our products, they will look different from batch to batch – just like organic fruits and vegetables do.
buy vitamins with confidenceCustomer satisfaction is the driving force of our company. We are committed to providing our customers with products they can trust. This is why we require our labs to adhere to our highest scientific standards in manufacturing. We accept nothing less than 100% compliance from our manufacturers on this issue.

This is why we know that we are delivering the highest quality products for the best price possible. If you are not satisfied with a product you have purchased, you may return the unused portion within 30 days of purchase for full credit towards the purchase of another product. See full details here.


Choline During Pregnancy is Critical to Brain Development of Fetus:
Choline, an essential nutrient, plays a critical role in women’s health throughout their lives. However it is extremely important to obtain this nutrient during pregnancy. Current research has found increasing the intake of this B vitamin by the expectant mother may reduce the risk of having a baby with either brain or spinal cord defects.

Fetal brain development of both the hippocampus and cortex, 2 areas of the brain that involve memory and higher thinking, is adversely affected when the fetus is not receiving enough choline. It is also believed that choline may act like a folate since it may also prevent neural tube birth defects, like spina bifida and anencephaly, if taken early into a women’s pregnancy.

The Institutes of Medicine (IOM) set an adequate intake (AI) of Choline at 425 mg for women daily, 450 mg daily for pregnant women and 550 mg daily for lactating women. Currently 90% of the US population does not meet this AI recommendation for choline.

Prenatal (Product Code 688-120) contains 100 mg of Choline per recommended dose.
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According to NINDS (the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes) approximately 40 million Americans experience some type of sleep disorder and 20 million Americans have problems with sleep like narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea and insomnia. It is believed that supplementation may help with supporting normal sleep patterns.

What Happens While We Sleep:
As the day goes on neurotransmitters (nerve signaling chemicals) control whether we are asleep or we are awake. These neurotransmitters act on different neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. Serotonin and Norenpinephrine are 2 chemicals that aid in keeping the brain awake and alert.

Adenosine begins to accumulate in the brain the longer we are awake. This compound gives us the feeling of tiredness that we start to experience as the day passes. So Adenosine and our body’s internal clock determine if we feel tired and when we are awake.

When we actually fall asleep the signals to keep us awake are turned off by the neurons and the Adenosine previously accumulated in our brain starts to break down.

Sleep makes it possible for our nervous system to function properly. Not enough sleep could leave us unable to concentrate as well as drowsy the next day. Impaired physical performance and memory may be caused by too little sleep. Prolonged sleep deprivation could cause mood swings as well as hallucinations.

Melatonin-A hormone released by the Pineal Gland, located in the brain, regulates the body’s internal clock and aids in regulation of other hormones. More melatonin is produced when the body is exposed to darkness. Melatonin is broken down by the body as a response to the exposure to light. Many studies show supplemental melatonin is helpful for obtaining normal sleep.

L-Theanine-This amino acid, found in green tea, supports the body in transmitting impulses to the brain. Studies point to this amino acid as having the ability to increase sleep efficiency with study participants recording higher sleep percentages when compared to a placebo group.

5HTP-Found in the herb Griffonia simplicifolla, this phytonutrient works to increase serotonin, a chemical that affects many behaviors including sleep. Studies show that 5HTP in combination with GABA reduced the time it took study participants to fall asleep while increasing the duration and quality of sleep.

Valerian-This plant has been used since the second century to reduce anxiety, stomach cramps and to ease insomnia. Scientists believe that this herb works by increasing the amount of GABA in the brain.

GABA aids in the regulation of nerve cells and offers a calming effect on anxiety. Studies show valerian supplementation has a positive effect on sleep structure and perception when taken on a continuous basis. Valerian also may reduce “slow wave sleep latency” when compared to a placebo. Additional studies show a benefit for improving sleep disorders in women going through menopause when compared to a placebo.

Viva Vitamins Sleep Eze contains all 4 of these ingredients:
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