What happened to Great Earth Vitamins

Great Earth Vitamins Corporate Headquarters closed in March, 2009. Meanwhile, the remaining independently owned Great Earth throughout the U.S. decided to bond together as a family and take charge of their own destiny.

They created Viva Vitamins and Earth Wise Vitamins. Teaming up with a group of highly respected professionals, doctors, scientists and nutraceutical formulators, they improved the quality and efficaciousness of the Great Earth formulas which are now called Earth Wise Vitamins and Viva Vitamins. Both of these brands are proudly made in the United States, are GMP compliant, all natural and have grown to a line of over 300 products. You can purchase Earth Wise Vitamins and Viva Vitamins with the same confidence as you did buying the Great Earth products for the last 40 years.

Numerous testimonials and doctor’s recommendations say it all: Earth Wise and Viva Vitamins are made with the highest quality standards and are backed by outstanding customer service.

Earth Wise and Viva Vitamins customer service line is: (661) 645-8482 or email at: Contact@VivaVitamins.com

Please see our complete line of vitamins at: shop.VivaVitamins.com.