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Natural Remedies for Cellulite

What you eat and drink has everything to do with cellulite. Eat clean, fresh whole foods vs. foods and beverages high in sugar and/or highly processed carbs. These foods stimulate excess insulin which in turn forces your body to store fat. They dehydrate the system and make cells more likely to take on excess water […]

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Vegi Source: Made From The Best of Nature!

vegisource_bothWe live on a planet that contains an endless encyclopedia of natural, plant-derived medicines. As advanced as we are in our exploration of this planet, we haven’t even scratched the surface of uncovering the mind boggling array of nutrients available within the earth’s agriculture. […]

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Natural Support For Glucose Levels

glucose_support_120There is an issue facing millions of people across the country and has been so for many years now…Blood Sugar. Food goes in, food gets turned into sugar, sugar goes into bloodstream, bloodstream shuttles it into tissues, tissues use it for energy. Simple right? Well, maybe not so much. […]

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Brain Support – Got The Right Nutrients?

cerebro_smart_60All humans have an amazing 3lb chunk of tissue embedded within our skull that controls virtually all biological functions called the brain. With nearly 100 billion neurons making thousands of synaptic connections per neuron, many would admit that the human brain is by far one of the most complex and […]

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