Why do you think you deserve an alcoholic drink, something sweet or some other fattening food when you’ve had a “bad day?” Why do you call it a “reward?” If your wishes are to lose weight or to get healthy – it’s not a reward at all!

Actually, you’re punishing yourself. You’re making it HARDER to achieve your goals, not easier. Why on earth would you do that? I’ll tell you why! At some point in your youth – you were given something sweet or fattening to “cure” something that was wrong. Maybe you lost your favorite toy or you fell and scraped your knee, etc. Or, maybe you learned that “having a drink to unwind” after a hard day is perfectly normal because you watched your parents or other adult figure doing it time after time.

Many of our “how to re-act to life” habits were developed as a child and have been in constant rehearsal throughout our adult lives. If you think about it — we eat for every reason: anxiety, stress, depression, boredom, celebration and lastly, because we’re hungry.

Just remember – Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. Make a list of non-food, non alcoholic rewards you can give your self the next time you feel the urge to run to food or other un-healthy “rewards.” Go for a walk, call an old friend, read a page out of a magazine or go see a movie, etc.

It takes 21 days to create a new habit. Just imagine how great your results would be if you cut out one bad habit (desserts, alcohol, etc.) for a whole month. You could drop a pant size or more! So keep exercising and making those healthier food choices together. Stick to it and you’ll be doing the “I can finally fit in my favorite jeans” dance in no time!

Cheryl Broughton is an author, Fitness TV Host, Founder of Fitness Edge Boot Camp, and co-founder of Viva Vitamins.