What you eat and drink has everything to do with cellulite. Eat clean, fresh whole foods vs. foods and beverages high in sugar and/or highly processed carbs. These foods stimulate excess insulin which in turn forces your body to store fat. They dehydrate the system and make cells more likely to take on excess water and swell. They contain artificial additives and refined sugar which damages cells and causes them to function less efficiently.

Cut back on Saturated Fats. Animal fats are saturated, unlike those that are derived from plants and vegetables. The body can not break down animal fats. Eat chicken and fish over red meats.

Drink water every day, all the time. Water helps you flush out toxins and gives your skin more elasticity and helps skin bounce back.

Viva CLA tonalin front labelStay away from alcohol. It contains toxins and excess calories that are almost always stored as fat.
When you lose weight, your skin becomes loose – at first. But, by doing exercises that focus on that body part – you will build/pump the blood and circulation to that area which causes these muscles to tighten and firm up.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are the primary building blocks for your cells. The structural framework of the cell is made from EFAs. A cell must have a strong structure to maintain it’s shape and efficient function. Healthy EFA’s, (Omega 3s, 6s, 9s) in nature occur in cold water fish, raw seeds and nuts, and in some vegetables and whole grains.

EFAs are what causes the cells to be flexible instead of ridged. Strength and flexibility are what keep skin smooth, supple, and attractive. You can also get your EFA’s thru supplements. Go see the folks at your local vitamin store & ask them about Viva Vitamins EFA’s, CLA/Tonalin – it’s one of my favorites. Or, go to Shop.VivaVitamins.com to find a Viva Vitamins store near you.